In today’s rapidly evolving world, one might wonder: Can our family history, extending back several generations, influence our present-day experiences and traumas? The short answer is, surprisingly, yes. And the understanding of this connection comes, in part, from the practice of Family Constellation Therapy (FCT). In this exploration, we’ll dive deep into how our ancestors play a significant role in shaping our traumas and how FCT can help us navigate and heal these connections.

What is Family Constellation Therapy?

Family Constellation Therapy, also known as Systemic Constellations, is a therapeutic approach that delves into the hidden dynamics within a family system. Created by Bert Hellinger, this therapy seeks to uncover and resolve deep-rooted patterns that might be affecting the well-being and relationships of current family members.

The Ancestral Connection to Trauma

  1. Transgenerational Trauma: Trauma isn’t an isolated incident; it can span across generations. Studies have shown that trauma can be passed down, not just through learned behaviors and stories, but even at a genetic level, with alterations in DNA. Such trauma can manifest as phobias, anxieties, and other emotional challenges, often without a clear cause in the individual’s own life.
  2. Unresolved Emotions: When a traumatic event happens in a family, and the emotional response isn’t adequately processed, it can leave an imprint. Subsequent generations might unconsciously pick up these emotions, feeling grief, anger, or guilt without a direct experience to attribute them to.
  3. Family Loyalties: Within families, there’s an unspoken code of loyalty. Out of love and belonging, individuals might unconsciously carry burdens for ancestors or repeat their patterns, believing it keeps them connected to their lineage.

How Family Constellation Therapy Helps

  1. Unearthing Hidden Dynamics: One of the primary steps in FCT is setting up a ‘constellation’ using representatives (often other workshop participants) to stand in for family members. This arrangement reveals the dynamics, loyalties, and bonds, making the unseen seen.
  2. Realigning the Family System: Once these hidden dynamics are visible, the therapist can guide the process to help realign the system. This might involve representatives taking new positions, making verbal acknowledgments, or completing symbolic actions.
  3. Breaking Patterns: By acknowledging traumas, reconciling with the past, and resetting the family order, individuals can break free from old patterns, paving the way for healing and healthier relationships.

Modern-Day Implications

In the age of individual therapy, where the focus is majorly on self, FCT introduces a fresh perspective by emphasizing interconnectedness. It tells us that:


The role of our ancestors in modern-day trauma is profound. While it’s essential to recognize individual experiences, it’s equally crucial to acknowledge the bigger picture: the vast web of interconnected relationships and histories that shape us. Family Constellation Therapy provides a window into these hidden dynamics, offering insights and pathways to healing that might otherwise remain obscured.

By understanding and honoring our past, we carve a path for a healthier, more conscious future. After all, as the saying goes,

“To know where we’re going, we must first understand where we came from.”

How I Can Assist You on Your Healing Journey

If you’re seeking to untangle the webs of ancestral trauma and patterns, my expertise as an advanced Family Constellation Therapist can guide you on this profound journey. I offer tailored 1-1 sessions in Dublin, Naas, Newbridge, and Kildare, ensuring accessibility and convenience for all seeking help.

My approach is holistic. Beyond the foundational techniques of Family Constellation Therapy, I integrate energy healing and somatic therapy techniques. This means we don’t just work on the mental and emotional planes; we delve deep into the body’s energy and physical realms, ensuring comprehensive healing and transformation.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, weaving a path of understanding, healing, and renewal for both you and the generations that follow.

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