Family Constellations

Family constellations is a form of ancestral healing that helps reveal the hidden dynamics in a family dynamic or relationships in order to address any stressors impacting these relationships and heal them. The issue or original disturbance can have its roots in the ancestral past and could be impacting our present lives without us knowing it. The basic idea is that any issue or challenge has a root in the ancestral past and by working on and releasing the original distrubance we heal the system and release the old ancestal patterns allowing and restoring the flow of life force energy.


A Family Constellations therapy session involves mapping out the patterns running in our life, which we cannot always see and find really hard to escape. Are you carrying suffering for some other family member? Does your current life situation have its root in your ancestral past? What does it look like when we all come together? Who is at the centre? What relationships do you notice between everyone else? There is someone who has been missing for a while. How close or far away are they from the group? You can get this type of therapy for individual families as well! The goal of this process is to create a safe space. You can start to work on their feelings about each other here. It helps us understand our behaviour better and gives us tools to communicate more effectively with one another.

Some reasons to consider family constellation therapy:

  • You are seeking to address negative or harmful relationship patterns
  • Want to understand certain recurring patterns in life
  • Are having trouble attracting the right relationships
  • Are attempting to resolve family entanglements
  • Have experienced significant trauma or loss
  • Are in search of personal and professional success
  • Any other patterns seen or unseen which are limiting us in any aspect of life
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