What is Access Bars Therapy?

Access Bars Therapy is a gentle hands on energy healing process similar to a head massage that works on energy centres, also known as bars, which are located on the head. There are 32 different energy points on the head and the Access bars practitioner works on releasing any blockages on these points and restoring free flow of energy throughout the body bringing harmony and relaxation to the body and mind .The 32 energy centres each relate to a different aspect of your consciousness, like health, happiness, career, sexuality etc. This treatment is suitable for anyone who wants to experience and create more ease, joy and glory in their lives and is suitable for all age groups.

How does a Access Bars Therapy session work?

As the Access Bars Practitioner works on the Energy Centers or Bars, all limiting beliefs, negative self talk, thoughts, feelings, trapped emotions, trauma judgments, and incompatible energies across lifetimes begin to release based on whatever is required for the individual’s highest good. As the release occurs, you will feel immediate mental and physical relaxation as the the body is brought back to its natural state of ease, joy and lightness as full life force/ Prana / energy of the universe becomes available to you.

What to expect after a Access Bars session?

Every Bars session is different and is an individual experience.  Whatever release happens in a session is aligned with the individual’s

At worst, you will feel like you have just had a phenomenal massage. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease

In my own experience, clients often feel more peaceful and relaxed, relief from physical pains, a calmer mind and a more positive outlook towards life and problem situations.

What can be cured with an Access Bars therapy session ?

Access Bars Therapy can help release blockages and limiting beliefs around any and all areas of life including physical ailments, anxiety, stress, personal and relationship issues. Some of the areas Access Bars Therapy can help with include:

*       Self Confidence
*       Mental Health
*       Creativity
*       Manifesting
*       Peace, Calm & Healing
*       Communication
*       Creating Life Form
*       Increase power & connections
*       Control
*       Kindness & gratitude
*       Sadness & joy
*       Sexuality
*       Hopes & dreams

I am fully qualified and licensed Access Bars Therapy Practitioner offering in person and remote Access Bars sessions.

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