Bio energy therapist and Holistic Practitioner at Blissful Evolution

I’m Abi, qualified Bio energy therapist and a Holistic therapist based in India. My personal journey in life has led me on this path. I have been sensitive to energy from a very young age and have always been drawn to learning more about how it operates in our lives. I used to suffer from chronic anxiety, panic attacks, sleep issues and other addictions during my younger years and have personally seen the power of this work in my own healing journey. I firmly believe that any imbalance an issue we are facing, mental or physical or emotional is linked to an imbalance in our energy field which can be worked on to restore health and vitality in the system. Along with Bio energy therapy I am also trained in Reiki, Angel energy healing, Rahaani celestial healing, Family constellation therapy, consciousness medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and tarot card readings. My job as a bio energy therapist is to be an open channel allowing life force energy to flow through me and work for the client’s highest good using a range of energy healing tools.

Services Offered:
• Bio Energy Therapy
• Integrated Energy Therapy (1:1 sessions and trainings)
• Rahaani Celestial Healing (1:1 sessions and trainings)
• Access Bars Therapy
• Tarot Consultations
• Angel Card Readings
• Angelic Energy Healing
• Chakra Balancing
• Family Constellation Therapy

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