Family Constellation Therapy, a therapeutic approach developed by Bert Hellinger, delves into the hidden dynamics within a family to uncover the roots of certain behaviors, emotions, and attitudes. This therapy has been utilized worldwide to facilitate understanding, healing, and reconciliation. While primarily beneficial, it’s essential to acknowledge the side effects that participants may experience. These side effects aren’t necessarily negative but are powerful indicators of the therapy’s profound impact. In this blog post, we explore the top 5 side effects of Family Constellation Therapy, offering insights into what participants might expect during their journey to emotional and familial healing.

1. Emotional Vulnerability

One of the most immediate side effects of participating in Family Constellation Therapy is an increased sense of emotional vulnerability. As hidden family dynamics come to light, individuals might find themselves confronting emotions they’ve long suppressed or hadn’t previously recognized. This heightened emotional sensitivity is a natural part of the healing process, allowing individuals to process and move beyond past traumas.

2. Changes in Family Relationships

Family Constellation Therapy can significantly alter one’s perspective on family relationships. Discovering the underlying causes of familial tensions or understanding the burdens carried by previous generations can shift how participants interact with their family members. While these changes can lead to more authentic and healthier relationships, the transition period can be challenging as everyone adjusts to the new dynamics.

3. Increased Self-awareness

Participants often emerge from Family Constellation Therapy with a deeper understanding of themselves and their place within their family system. This increased self-awareness can be empowering, leading to significant personal growth. However, it may also bring to light aspects of oneself that require further attention and healing, necessitating ongoing self-exploration and possibly additional support.

4. Physical Reactions

The emotional and psychological work of Family Constellation Therapy can sometimes manifest physically. Participants might experience temporary physical symptoms such as fatigue, restlessness, or even mild illness as their bodies process the emotional shifts. Recognizing these physical reactions as a normal part of the healing journey is crucial.

5. A Shift in Life Perspective

Engaging deeply with Family Constellation Therapy can alter participants’ outlook on life, relationships, and their understanding of happiness and fulfillment. This profound shift can inspire positive changes in life choices and behaviors but may also lead to a period of adjustment as the individual reevaluates their goals and desires.


The side effects of Family Constellation Therapy are a testament to its depth and effectiveness as a healing modality. While these side effects can present challenges, they are also markers of transformation and growth. Participants are encouraged to approach the therapy with an open heart and mind, ready to embrace the changes that come with delving into the complexities of their family system. Remember, navigating these side effects is part of the journey toward healing and should be undertaken with the support of a qualified therapist.

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