Developed by Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations therapy shines a revealing light on the interwoven dynamics within families. Central to this therapeutic approach is the concept of the Orders of Love — intrinsic laws that maintain equilibrium and affection within family systems. This post offers an immersive exploration into these foundational principles, showcasing their transformative essence.

The Orders of Love: More Than Just Words

In the realm of Family Constellations, the Orders of Love aren’t mere guidelines; they’re the pillars that uphold familial harmony. These laws underscore the subconscious equilibrium prevalent within family networks, dictating the smooth transfer of respect and love throughout generations.

Unpacking the Key Principles of Orders of Love

  1. Belonging: Every individual within a family, regardless of their life choices or destiny, inherently belongs. This tenet encompasses even those who might have been sidelined or forgotten.
  2. Sequence: Prioritizing the chronological order within families is imperative. For instance, elders must be acknowledged before the younger generation, maintaining a reverence for age and experience.
  3. Equilibrium in Giving and Taking: Relationships thrive when there’s a symbiotic balance between contributions and acceptance. Typically, parents are the givers, while children are on the receiving end. Disrupting this natural rhythm can lead to discord.

Consequences of Disregarding the Orders

Flouting these Orders of Love can lead to palpable disturbances. Such imbalances may take the form of strained relationships, profound emotional struggles, or even manifest as physical illnesses. Alarmingly, these issues can cascade down generations, perpetuating patterns of distress and disconnection.

Healing through Family Constellations

By pinpointing and rectifying deviations from the Orders of Love, Family Constellations therapy provides a potent healing avenue. Within this therapeutic sanctuary, participants can:

Blending Timeless Wisdom with Contemporary Challenges

Today’s family structures are vastly varied, encompassing a wide spectrum of configurations, including nuclear, joint, blended, and more. As these dynamics evolve, adapting and interpreting the Orders of Love in contemporary contexts becomes paramount. While these principles have their roots in age-old wisdom, they remain profoundly relevant, guiding us through the maze of modern relationships.


The Orders of Love in Family Constellations are far more than therapeutic guidelines; they’re the heartbeat of familial interactions. Recognizing and realigning with these tenets not only restores balance but also rejuvenates connections, fostering a holistic familial well-being that stands the test of time.

Further Reading and Resources:

Your Personal Guide to Family Constellations and Beyond

For those ready to embark on a transformative journey within their familial realms, I am here to guide and support. As a certified Family Constellation Therapist, I offer personalized 1-on-1 sessions in Dublin, Naas, Newbridge, and Kildare. Additionally, for those beyond these regions, I extend my expertise online across Ireland and internationally.

But my healing approach isn’t confined to just one methodology. As an Energy Healer and Somatic Therapist, I blend a myriad of healing tools to provide an enriching and holistic experience. By tapping into both ancestral patterns and personal energies, together, we’ll navigate the pathways to profound healing and enduring harmony.

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