Family Constellations are a process of mapping out the patterns running in our life, which we cannot always see and find really hard to escape. Are you carrying suffering for some other family member? Does your current life situation have its root in your ancestral past? What does it look like when we all come together? Who is at the centre? What relationships do you notice between everyone else? There is someone who has been missing for a while. How close or far away are they from the group? You can get this type of therapy for individual families as well!   The goal of this process is to create a safe space. You can start to work on their feelings about each other here. It helps us understand our behaviour better and gives us tools to communicate more effectively with one another.

This blog post will go into a comprehensive guide to using family constellation training to heal the wounds that exist in all families. Learn how this innovative field works and how it can help you deal with your problems today!

What is a family constellation?

Family Constellations are groups of people who come together to describe their relationships with each other. A therapist guides the members in an artistic process that brings unconscious material into the light. That is through images and body movements, creating family constellations. When one person may not feel seen or understood unless all are partaking in this experience for themselves, there is no set number needed, but that is best if at least three others join- either friends. You have known since childhood like cousins or co-workers separated by job title will suffice!

How to run a Family constellation Session?

 Family constellation sessions are unique types of family therapy that can help parents identify the strengths and limitations within their relationships with one another. The first step in this process is for each person involved to prepare themselves individually, which might entail journaling or processing emotions thoughtfully before meeting up again as an entire group after doing some individual work together beforehand.

Important that is something not only because it allows people time alone when they want it, but also no room left over during dialogue if someone else wants attention away from their partner(s). It is a great way to connect with your loved ones, share stories and reconnect. One can feel recharged as you come out of the experience!

Some Common Mistakes while running family constellation session

The most common mistake when running a family constellation session is to focus on the wrong member of your group. Sometimes, this means focusing more on one person than another or vice versa–and it can be easy not even notice! Every single family member must have their time and space during these sessions. So everyone feels heard without feeling pressured into anything they want from us at all times.

 The Art of Family Constellations is a great way to work on relationships if you feel strained. It’s an interactive, collaborative process where family members can address severe or long-standing issues in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance. We have the right therapist for you. You can visit to get more information or to book a session .

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