Empaths, Sensitives, and Energy Healing

Empath symbol with two hands demonstrating energy healing technique.

Empaths and sensitives are individuals who intuitively feel and absorb the emotions and energies of the world around them. Unlike most, they can deeply resonate with others’ emotions, often experiencing them as if they were their own. This heightened sensitivity is both a gift and a challenge, energy healing may help empaths navigate planetary shifts. […]

The Unvarnished Truth About Energy Healing

Abi Beri, holistic therapist in Dublin, performing Bio Energy Healing on a female client

The realm of energy healing has always been a subject of intrigue and mysticism. While today, many schools of thought and modern modalities are popular, it’s essential to understand the rich history and fundamental truths of energy healing. Here are some unfiltered facts about energy healing that everyone should know. 1. The Ancient Roots of […]

Energy Healing and its Impact on Anxiety: What You Need to Know

Energy healing session in progress, helping to alleviate anxiety.

In a world where anxiety has become a common experience for many, finding effective ways to manage and reduce it has become more important than ever. While traditional treatments like therapy and medication play a crucial role, alternative approaches, such as energy healing, are gaining popularity due to their holistic perspective and non-invasive nature. This […]

Incorporating Energy Healing into Your Daily Routine: A Practical Guide

Image of an energy healing session being performed by Abi Beri, a dedicated holistic practitioner.

Energy healing, a holistic practice that involves balancing and restoring the body’s natural energies, can be a transformative tool in promoting overall wellness. But did you know you can incorporate some simple energy healing techniques into your everyday routine? This blog post aims to provide a practical guide for embedding energy healing into your daily […]

Healing from Loss: Managing Grief in Healthy Ways

Silhouette of a man in grief, symbolizing the journey of healing from loss.

Experiencing loss is an inevitable part of life. The death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or the loss of a job can plunge us into a sea of grief and despair. It’s a difficult journey, but one that’s essential for healing. In this blog post, we’ll explore strategies for managing grief […]

Manifesting Love: Using Energy Healing to Attract the Relationship You Deserve

manifesting love using energy healing

Introduction Love is a beautiful feeling that we all desire to experience at some point in our lives. However, it can often feel challenging to manifest the love that we truly desire. This is where energy healing can be a powerful tool to help us attract the relationship we deserve. As an energy healer based […]