The realm of energy healing has always been a subject of intrigue and mysticism. While today, many schools of thought and modern modalities are popular, it’s essential to understand the rich history and fundamental truths of energy healing. Here are some unfiltered facts about energy healing that everyone should know.

1. The Ancient Roots of Energy Healing

Energy healing wasn’t an invention of the last century. In fact, it’s the earliest form of healing, with all other therapies being considered alternative. Long before modern medicine and therapies were even a concept, energy healing existed.

2. Historical Testaments to Healing

From the Greeks and Romans to the Egyptian civilization, every ancient culture had deities dedicated to healing. This is clear evidence that the concept of healing has been around for millennia. The age-old practice of shamanism, for instance, dates back a staggering 30,000 years.

3. Mentions in Sacred Texts

Healing isn’t just historically prevalent but is also deeply rooted in spiritual scriptures. The Vedas, among the world’s most ancient religious texts, make mention of healing, proving that this practice has been respected and valued for ages.

4. The True Essence of Healing

Being a genuine energy healer isn’t about adopting the latest modality. Whether it’s Pranik, Reiki, Lama fera, or any other system developed in the last century, real healing transcends these.

5. Healing: An Act of Surrender

Energy healing isn’t about learning a skill but about surrendering to the energy that surrounds and permeates us.

6. The Effortless Nature of Healing

True healing is effortless. If efforts are required, then it isn’t genuine healing. A healer, after a session, should feel more energized, not drained.

7. The Healer as a Conduit

Nobody can actively ‘do’ healing. A healer acts as a conduit, allowing healing to happen through them when they are in a meditative or trance-like state. They are mere vessels for the energy to flow through.

8. & 9. The Unlearnable Aspect of Healing

Given that genuine healing is divine and effortless, it stands to reason that it cannot be taught in the traditional sense. Unlike subjects such as law or accountancy, which come from human constructs, healing is divine. Therefore, it doesn’t fit into academic categories like undergraduate, graduate, or master’s degrees.

10. Protocols and Healing

Healing isn’t about following a set protocol for specific diseases. It is an intuitive process and isn’t bound by the strict guidelines that modalities like Pranik establish.

11. The Simplicity of Healing

True healing is straightforward and uncomplex. Various modalities might overcomplicate it, but at its core, healing is about simplicity and purity.

12. & 13. The Core of Healing: Love and Surrender

Healing requires unconditional love and complete surrender. Concepts like aura, chakras, and symbols, often used for marketing purposes, can detract from the essence of healing. At their core, these are packaging, not the healing itself.

14. Energy Healing is Not Commercial

Energy healing, in its truest form, is not a business endeavor. It’s a spiritual practice meant to help and heal.

15. & 16. The Real Qualities of a Healer

Learning modern modalities doesn’t necessarily make one an effective energy healer. Throughout history, great healers like Edgar Cayce, George Chopman, and Harry Edwards practiced healing without the commercialized modalities of today. Their gift came from within and wasn’t learned from a book.

17. What Matters Most

True healing boils down to two main criteria: unconditional love and the ability to act as a good medium.

18. What Can Be Learned

While the act of healing itself can’t be taught, two skills can be honed: increasing one’s own energy level and becoming an effective medium.

In conclusion, energy healing, while now surrounded by myriad teachings and modalities, has its roots in ancient history and simple, pure practices. Those seeking an authentic energy healer should look for someone who understands and respects these core truths.

How I Can Assist as an Energy Healer

Based in the heart of Ireland, I specialize in the traditional essence of energy healing. For those in Dublin and Kildare, I offer one-on-one, face-to-face sessions, providing a personalized touch to address your unique energy needs. For those abroad or preferring the comfort of their homes, I extend my expertise through online sessions, making genuine energy healing accessible worldwide. Dive into the world of authentic healing and discover your energy potential with me.

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