In a world filled with wonderful souls from diverse walks of life, one profound realisation is becoming increasingly apparent: we are all facing our battles, and the world is far from perfect. Everyone needs healing, and we seek it in different ways.

No matter how idyllic it may appear on someone’s carefully curated social media feed or polished exterior, most of us wear a mask beneath the surface. Life is a complex journey, fraught with challenges. We grapple with societal pressures, the relentless demands of the attention economy, the ever-present fear of missing out, the allure of fleeting pleasures, the weight of temptations, the trials and tribulations, the dramas, the complexities of family dynamics, and even the spectre of illness.

As someone who works closely with individuals on their personal journeys, I’ve also found myself compelled to explore my own shadows. It’s an integral part of the process—unearthing those hidden aspects of ourselves we often keep concealed.

I believe that life has a way of bringing us to a pivotal moment, albeit at different times for each person. It’s a moment when the struggle becomes so intense that we’re compelled to turn inward and effect change. We reach a juncture where the pursuit of perfection in the external world becomes exhausting.

However, it is at this very juncture that we’re presented with a remarkable opportunity to confront our inner demons. It’s a chance to break free from the shackles of conditioning, ancestral patterns, and societal expectations. It’s an opportunity to truly live as we were meant to—as pure awareness temporarily residing in these physical bodies, undergoing a myriad of experiences. These experiences, whether labeled as good or bad, hold no inherent judgment; it’s our egos that apply these labels.

In my personal journey, I’ve encountered experiences that have lifted a veil, revealing the concept of spiritual bypassing. It’s a realization that I’m far from perfect, not more evolved or more spiritual than anyone else. Instead, I see myself as a holistic therapist, merely a vessel to facilitate change in others as they navigate their own paths. Together, we learn, grow, and evolve.

In a world where imperfections and struggles are the norm, let us extend kindness and light to one another. Our shared journey towards healing and self-discovery is made richer by the connections we forge along the way.

So, be kind—for in kindness, we find the power to heal not only ourselves but also the world around us.


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