In an era where holistic healing practices have emerged as a beacon of hope, Rahanni Celestial Healing shines bright, carving a niche in the vast spiritual domain. As more individuals seek to tap into their inner reservoirs of peace and balance, the resonance of Rahanni grows, beckoning seekers and enthusiasts alike.

Delve into the World of Rahanni Celestial Healing

Rahanni Celestial Healing is not just another buzzword in the spiritual community; it’s a deeply transformative and professional modality. For practitioners who undergo the training, they unearth the capacity to channel this divine energy, offering a renewed perspective of heart-based living. The birth of this modality traces back to 2001 when the Ascended Master Lord Melkizedek channeled its profound insights to Carol Stacey, ushering us into the realm of heart-centric, 5th-dimensional living.

The core tenets of Rahanni focus on releasing energies or beliefs that impede our spiritual journey. As one aligns with this modality, layers of unneeded baggage dissolve, revealing a genuine, authentic self, perfectly poised for spiritual growth, ascension, and alignment with the universe.

Rahanni Celestial Healing Workshop: An Invitation to Transform

The Rahanni Celestial Healing Workshop is a one-day deep dive designed to offer participants a comprehensive understanding and firsthand experience of this modality. Tailored to cater both online and in-person, this workshop adjusts to individual needs, promising an immersive experience irrespective of the medium.

Under the expert guidance of Abi Beri, a Rahanni Master and Teacher par excellence, attendees are promised an awakening. Beyond mere theoretical knowledge, participants are attuned to the heart-based healing energy of Rahanni, unveiling the nuances of channeling this 5th-dimensional force. From fostering connections with the Ascended Masters and Archangels to a profound understanding of Chakras – including the Ascension Chakras and the newer ones channelled to Carol Stacey – the workshop is a treasure trove of spiritual insights.

The essence of the Rahanni Celestial Healing Workshop lies in its communal approach. Here, like-minded souls converge, creating a mosaic of experiences, knowledge-sharing, practical learning, and meditative reflections. It’s a symphony of learning and evolving in harmony.

Learn Rahanni: Upcoming Workshop Dates

For those poised to embark on this transformative journey, here are the dates for the next Rahanni Celestial Healing Level 1 workshops:

Both online and in-person participations are welcomed, ensuring flexibility and accessibility. Moreover, tailored sessions, whether group-based or 1-1, can be facilitated for those keen to delve deeper.

Abi Beri: Your Guide to Rahanni Celestial Healing

Abi Beri is not just a Rahanni Master and Teacher; she’s a beacon, guiding souls through the intricate tapestries of Rahanni Celestial Healing. Based in Dublin and Naas, Kildare, her expertise encapsulates workshops and 1-1 sessions, designed to imbue participants with the heart-based essence of Rahanni.

Dive deeper and explore the world of Rahanni Celestial Healing by visiting Blissful Evolution. More than just a workshop, it’s a paradigm shift, an invitation to a heart-centered dimension of existence. 💕

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