Trauma, a word often heavy with emotional charge, is a familiar adversary to countless individuals worldwide. Whether it arises from tragic life events, personal experiences of abuse, or the aftermath of shocking incidents, trauma profoundly impacts the psyche, leaving deep imprints in one’s life. The path to healing is unique for everyone, and while traditional therapeutic methods offer solace, alternative approaches like Access Bars are emerging as complementary tools. Let’s delve into the realm of Access Bars, focusing on its potential to facilitate trauma release.

Understanding the Multifaceted Nature of Trauma

Trauma isn’t merely an emotional scar; it’s a complex web that affects individuals both mentally and physically. Life-altering events leave traces on our consciousness, leading to anxiety, depression, physical ailments, and even detrimental behavioral patterns. To effectively address trauma, one needs a holistic approach – one that acknowledges both its subtle and pronounced manifestations.

The Essence of Access Bars

Before diving into the nexus between trauma and Access Bars, it’s vital to grasp the fundamental principles of this healing modality. Access Bars is an energy healing practice focusing on 32 points located on the head. Each of these points corresponds to specific areas in our lives, like control, creativity, healing, and communication. These points are believed to store the electrical charge of all our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and considerations. By gently touching these bars, one can initiate the release of these charges, paving the way for profound mental and emotional liberation.

The Healing Intersection: Access Bars and Trauma Release

  1. A Gentle Touch: In a world where aggressive confrontation with traumatic memories can inadvertently cause harm, Access Bars emerges as a beacon of gentle healing. Unlike techniques that force individuals to revisit traumatic incidents, Access Bars allows them to approach healing at their pace, ensuring a nurturing experience.
  2. Emotional Release: Our brains, in an attempt to protect us, often bury traumatic memories deep within. These suppressed memories become energetic blocks, hindering personal growth. Access Bars facilitates the dissolution of these blocks, granting emotional clarity and genuine peace.
  3. Physical Manifestations and Healing: It’s not uncommon for trauma survivors to experience physical ailments – a manifestation of the body’s response to emotional turmoil. Through Access Bars sessions, these physical tensions, often stored in the form of energy, can be released. This contributes to holistic well-being, bridging the mind-body healing divide.
  4. Empowerment Through Consciousness: One of Access Bars’ foundational principles is the empowerment of the individual. This approach aligns perfectly with trauma recovery, emphasizing the individual’s conscious choices and self-awareness, vital components in overcoming trauma’s shadows.
  5. Symbiosis with Traditional Therapy: Access Bars doesn’t propose itself as an alternative, but rather a complementary practice. Many individuals find that combining Access Bars sessions with conventional treatments boosts their overall healing trajectory.

Transformative Tales: Personal Experiences with Access Bars

Personal testimonials provide a glimpse into the real-world efficacy of Access Bars. Take Jane, for instance, a trauma survivor from a car accident. While cognitive therapy helped her process the incident, Access Bars sessions granted her a profound emotional release she hadn’t felt in years. Or consider David, whose childhood traumas manifested as crippling anxiety. Access Bars, in conjunction with his counseling sessions, provided him with the grounding he desperately sought.


In the labyrinthine journey of trauma recovery, multiple pathways lead to healing and peace. Access Bars, with its unique blend of energetic wisdom and tactile healing, offers a promising route for those keen on complementing traditional therapies. Its underlying philosophy, rooted in the release, empowerment, and consciousness expansion, aligns seamlessly with the tenets of holistic trauma recovery.

Access Bars, in its profound simplicity, provides a beacon of hope – illuminating the pathway from the shadows of trauma to the liberating light of healing and rejuvenation.

Abi Beri: Access Bars and Somatic Trauma Therapist

In the heart of Ireland, spanning both Dublin and Kildare, Abi Beri stands as a pillar of holistic healing. As a certified Access Bars practitioner coupled with expertise as a somatic trauma therapist, Abi offers a unique and powerful blend of healing modalities. These techniques not only delve deep into the energetic realm to release stored emotions and patterns but also address the physical manifestations of trauma.

Every trauma journey is as individual as the person experiencing it. Recognising this, Abi tailors each session, drawing from a vast reservoir of therapeutic tools and techniques. This bespoke approach ensures deep, transformative healing, touching the very essence of your being.

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