A “Pooja” is a way to connect with the Divine and seek blessings . The purpose of pooja is to seek the blessings , express gratitude, and to develop a deeper connection with the divine. It mainly consists of preparing food, meditation and devotional music.

As part of the Pooja, a “tilak” is also applied in the center of the forehead/ third eye. It is a  mark made on the forehead, using a paste made of vermilion, sandalwood powder, or turmeric. The spot is considered to be the seat of spiritual energy and the point where the body and the mind meet.

I recently did a pooja for my birthday and took some pictures to send back to my family. My mother immediately spotted the image of Guru Ji (Mahashiv) on my tilak. I feel truly blessed and feel god/universe/our higher self/ or any name that resonates with you is always available to us. Jai Guruji !

Guruji was Lord Shiva incarnate and had revealed himself in the divine form to many of his devotees. Guruji emitted the divine fragrance from his self which was akin to that of heavenly roses. Even today, long after he is no longer there in his physical form, his fragrance is felt as a proof of his presence very much in spirit!

Guruji in his short journey on this earth touched the lives of millions of people, also of those who had never even met Him. He would read the persona of a devotee by looking at him and knowing all about his life — past, present and future. He would then bless the person as he thought fit for them.

You can read more about Guruji here.

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