Bio energy renders the concept that every human life is revolving around an electro-magnetic field and that field stimulates rays of energy that is used to relieve any mental, emotional or physical pain. For the holistic healing purpose, energy travels through seven energy centers around the body, commonly known as chakras. The bio energy therapists at Blissful Evolution are trained to read and cleanse chakras and direct life force energy to clear blockages that usually cause physical pain and mental disorders. Bio- energy is gentle, safe and extremely effective for people who are in chronic or acute pain. Bio energy also triggers the body to increase endorphin production which eases the chronic pain and uplifts the mood.

What are the Core Causes of Chronic Pain?

Just like any physical illness chronic pain early syndrome and causes vary person to person. There are many factors of chronic pain. However, people have treated their severe chronic pain by bio energy therapy at Bliss Evolution and the results are mind boggling. Here are some major causes of developing chronic pain.

·         Some patients get affected by chronic pain because of years of bad posture.

·         People who lift and carry heavy weights on a daily basis also get the condition.

·         A curvature of the spine is also a congenital condition that causes chronic pain.

·         Any nerve damaging injury that didn’t heal properly can lead to chronic pain.

·         Aging affects bones and joints and also causes chronic pain.

What is Bio Energy?

Bio energy is a spiritual practice often known as an energy medicine. Bio energy enables the body to heal itself without any external factors. Bio energy healing is all about flow of energy. It is particularly used as a healing therapy because it helps to balance body, soul and mind in the gentlest way. Our body and mind are in harmony and bio energy acts as a medium to keep the energy field balanced.

How Does Bio Energy Work?

A technique that is based the idea of healing by life force energy is bioenergy healing. Bio energy therapists employ a variety of techniques to channel these energies in order to repair our body, soul, and mind. Bio energy works in conjunction with conventional methods of healing and does not interfere with any other treatment. The compassionate wellness of bodily and mental disorders is provided by holistic bioenergy. The procedure to establish bioenergy is relatively common: the practitioner starts a subtle energy impression based on the client’s intuition and then lets energy flow freely for a complete healing.

Anyone Can Take Benefit from Bio Energy Healing

A holistic approach to wellness called energy healing can be used to promote harmony on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit. Its foundation is the idea that the energy fields in our bodies are entangled with the fields of all existence. We may have issues with our physical, mental, or emotional well-being when our energy fields are out of balance. Our energy fields can be rebalanced with the use of energy healing, which can also enhance our general health, wellbeing and any other chronic pain.


Most people would agree that chronic pain can be difficult to manage . In m practise and personal experience, I have seen many patients have get immense relief after Bio energy healing sessions. To book a session or for any other information, feel free to contact us at Blissful Evolution.

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