Integrated Energy Therapy: Healing with the Power of  Angels

What is Integrated Energy Therapy?

Integrated Energy Therapy(IET) is a form of energy therapy used to release energetic blocks on a mental,emotional and spiritual level. It is a gentle non invasive therapy which can be done in person or even remotely. 

IET is known to work at a deeper level than other healing modalities to clear old stuff and blockages that may be limiting us from living life to its fullest. Integrated Energy Therapy is known to get the “issues out of the tissues”.

How does Integrated Energy Therapy work?

Integrated Energy Therapy involves working with 9 healing angels that are classified as healing angels. Each angel has a specific purpose and is invited to work on these areas by the practitioner during the session.  I would describe angels as just beings of light which are always willing to help us. During an Integrated Energy Therapy session, the angels are invited to release specific issues a person may be facing by the IET practitioner. I am also trained in other Holistic therapies and the way IET is different is that healing is handed over to the angels.  The IET practitioner will have the intention of working for the clients highest good and it is more of allowing for the work to happen through you than directing it. We often may not know the exact cause of the issue of discomfort but our higher self/god/universe/consciousness always knows. The role of an Integrated Energy Therapist is just to be a channel and allow the healing to happen by holding a safe space for the client.

Who can benefit from an Integrated Energy Therapy session ?

IET can work on pretty mucn any issue, from a physical issue such as back pain to feeling stressed, anxious or negative thinking. Every single issue in the body is linked to an imbalance somewhere in the energetic field and this often manifests as physical pains or even feeling stuck. As an example on an energetic level, a pain in the neck could be liked to having stuck emotions such as grief and anger from childhood.

Integrated Energy Therapy session can work on pretty much an issue, some of them include:

What to expect from and Integrated Energy Therapy session ?

Generally, the person receiving the session have feelings of deep relaxation for the duration of the session.  The Integrated Eneergy Therapy practitoner works on specific areas of the body to release the blocks while the person receiving the session is encouraged to relax and allow for the healing to happen.

It is also not uncommon for old memories, past stuff and sometimes even visions to come as a part of the release. Our sub conscious mind knows exactly what needs to be released and it will only bring uo stuff we are ready to release and let go off for our highest good.

The energy release can happen for up to a few days/weeks after an initial session and it is a good idea to stay in touch with the IET practitioner for support during this time. Depending on how you feel, multiple sessions may or may not be required.

My experience with Integrated Energy Therapy

I personally feel it is a challenge to explain or even talk about IET or even energy work in general when you are trying to explain it to people.  Lack of knowledge about holistic therapies and how they work, limiting beliefs and even religious beliefs sometimes play a part in how people view it.  Over the years learning and practising I have learnt that it is best to just have the intention of being of service and then the right people and situation show up if it is part of your life purpose . All my views are based on my personal experiences as I have seen thr power of this work in my own healing journey. This is perhaps one of the only healing modalities in which I as an IET practitioner feel the benefits while working on someone else as they say when you give an Integrated Energy Therapy session you receive one as well.

I am trained as a IET Master and facilitate 1:1 sessions for IET remotely and in person.  In addition to private appointments, I also teach IET workshops for the basic, intermediate and advanced level courses and IET healing angels workshops.

To book a session or a course or for any more information on Integrated Energy Therapy, you can fill out the contact form.

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