A therapy system that derives its power from angelic energy to restore balance to your life.”

That’s Integrated Energy Therapy in a nutshell – but does it work, and what can you expect from it?

Clearing Energy Blocks in the Body

This hands-on therapy system was developed by Stevan J. Thayer, founder of the Center of Being, in Woodstock, New York. It works on the client’s 6 pair (12-Strand) DNA, where the IET Master-Instructor uses techniques to optimize the energetic environment around you, depending on which point you are on your spiritual evolution. This therapy aims to release the energy patterns from your past that are limiting you, restore balance to your present life, and empower you for your divine destiny going into the future.

The optimization can be done at different levels, from the 1st DNA pair (the physical one you learnt about in Biology class) to the 6th DNA pair, unity with the Divine. Apart from the first DNA pair, the rest are non-physical, looking at issues like your emotional state, archetype, to the “soul family”. So, it blends together spiritual and alternative medicine therapy. However, agencies like the US National Council on Complementary and Alternative Medicine have not yet put it up as “Alternative Medicine”.

What Happens During the IET Sessions?

The IET practitioner uses gentle therapeutic touch to direct healing energy vibration to different areas of the body that have energy blocks. This all happens very naturally, without you having to remember the stressful events that created the blocks or suppressed emotions.  These blocks are what causes one to feel fatigued, disconnected from life, depressed, anxious, lacking a clear sense of direction and even out of control, and also manifest in physical symptoms like illness and pain.

You will remain fully clothed throughout the session, lying on the therapy table as some relaxing music plays on in the background. There are those who will talk through the process, while others prefer it being quiet. So you can talk with the practitioner as you proceed with the session, or wait for it to end.

The typical session ranges at around an hour. While they are usually in person, remote IET sessions can also be arranged. The goal is to encourage self-healing across the board – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. By painlessly releasing the suppressed feelings, IET therapy aims to empower you to have fuller and more loving relationships, enhance your health and wellbeing, bolster your creativity and put you on course to actualize your life’s purpose.

What the IET Session Feels Like

Most people report going into deep relaxation as the session progresses, with sensations of being in transition. You may feel light, focused and energized, or even tired and heavy as the emotions; thoughts and physical sensations continue surfacing, with the body adjusting to the new energetic patterns. After the session, may feel lighter and more positive, but remember the integration process will continue over time – so pay attention to the feedback you’re getting from your body.

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