Holistic healing is a principle that focuses on achieving optimal health and wellness for the whole being – the physical body, the mind, and your emotions. The goal is to give you proper life balance. After all, if one part is not working, it throws the rest of balance. Issues in your emotional, physical or spiritual life have a ripple effect on your overall health.

The Drift From Modern-Day Western Medicine

Technological advancements in medicine have enabled us to make huge strides forward. However, in the process, the approach to health itself looks at the body in individual sections as opposed to the whole system. The medicine fixes a problem, and you carry on with life. But other aspects that contributed to the ailments cropping up in the first place – from lifestyle choices like diet, inactivity and stress remain unsolved, which will eventually send you back to the doctor. It’s no surprise that ancient properties of holistic healing are slowly blending back into conventional medicine to fill this gap.

What do you get from holistic healing?

Holistic healing increases your energy levels, gives you relief from pain, reduces the stiffness in your joints, improves your digestion and strengthens your immune system. With less fatigue and a sharper mind, you get to concentrate on tasks better. Less anxiety, increased confidence and reduced stress levels translate into an overall improved quality of life. 

Holistic healing involves different practices, including:

Here, organic plant-based materials are used in the healing process, and includes both herbal medication and aromatherapy. These have been in use for centuries, such as with traditional Chinese medicine where superfoods like the Reishi mushroom stimulate the immune system by modulating white blood cells.

With energy all around us, flowing into and through the human body, it presents a means to restore balance within the body. There are different forms of therapy, including electromagnetic, ultrasonic and thermal energy therapy, all through to practices like Reiki and acupuncture where energy is kept flowing smoothly through the body using needles. Balance in your bioenergy promotes healthier functioning of the immune system, with your body healing itself.

Here there is some form of physical touch that helps in relieving soreness, pain, and even sickness. These are the likes of massage therapy and chiropractic treatment.

Behavioural techniques and social approaches to wellness come into play here – like that yoga class that your friends may have talked about signing up for.

A Sea of Options

When looking for a holistic healer, it depends on what your mind, body, and spirit need. There are specialists in different fields, ranging from certified doctors like osteopaths dealing with the skeletal system, to herbalists specializing in the use of plant-based medicine instead of pills, and even holistic health coaches who advise and help you make lifestyle changes, cheering you on the path to wellness. Ayurvedic doctors combining herbal remedy and diet changes, Reiki instructors who restore balance in the energy flow of the body – the field is wide. At Blissful Evolution, we will help you achieve balance and equilibrium through methods like bioenergy therapy for overall wellness and better quality of life.

Are holistic healers traditional doctors?

No. A holistic healer treats the body as a single unit. So, they don’t just focus on alleviating symptoms or dealing with only the condition affecting you, but rather cleansing issues with the whole body. Moreover, the holistic healers have strong relationships with their patients, with a more personal approach to walk with you through your lifestyle changes, as opposed to diagnosing an ailment, giving you a prescription and sending you on your way. In fact, holistic healers rarely deal with prescriptions, instead focusing on behavioral changes that you can practice after your session.

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