Your aura and your health and Bioenergy Therapy

You have an electromagnetic field of energy around you – the ‘aura’. Disruption in this field and the energy centres it flows through, the chakras, affects your health. Bioenergy therapy focuses on clearing the blockages, and is part of the global complementary and alternative medicine market that is set to reach $296.3 billion by 2027 according to Grand View Research, Inc.

Who we really are

When looking at human beings from an energy perspective, in fact all life forms, we are constituted of layers of vibrating energy.  At a quantum level everything in the universe vibrates at different rates, carried through the energy field in small packages known as quanta. So, we are all really part of the energy of the universe, flowing harmoniously.

The energy contained by the body itself vibrates slowly, which is why it is solid. Energy systems surrounding us on the other hand penetrate the body completely. This includes:

Disruption in the flow

The flow of energy is generally smooth and continuous – unless an imbalance occurs. This causes agitation that blocks the flow, allowing disease to manifest, cellular degeneration, and emotional problems to develop.

These blockages can be caused by physical and emotional trauma – and you may not even realize that you carry it. Picture water flowing through a hose for instance. When you bend or break it, or even when there is a clog in the hose, it interrupts the water flow. In a similar way, the energy flow around and within you can be disrupted in different ways – going out of balance, getting split, blocked, undercharged or held back. This in turn manifests in physical ailments or exacerbates existing conditions.

Bioenergy therapists come in to effect changes in the energetic flow, which result in changes in the physical body.

How It Works

Everyone’s energy field is dynamic. The bioenergy therapist is trained in different techniques, where they feel those blockages and use a series of hand movements to unlock the flow, restoring natural balance to the body and emotions.

Remember that we are all part of the universal energy field. So, during the session, both the client and the therapist are interconnected within the same field, which enables the therapist to repattern one’s energy field and bring back that balance that promotes healing.

While you may not be aware of what issues are agitating you at an unconscious level, the bioenergy therapy works to go deep – starting off at the surface and peeling off the layers like an onion in a relaxed environment. That way, you get to maintain your energetic health with emotional, physical, and mental balance. Bioenergy therapy is mostly a hands-off session – though occasionally it may call for hands to be laid on you. Guidelines regarding physical touch are in place to ensure client safety.

This complementary therapy is used to alleviate symptoms across a wide range of health issues, from mental problems like migraines, insomnia and tension headaches, to physical ailments like backaches and sports injuries. It even helps deal with psychological issues like depression and anxiety.

A Personalized Experience

At Blissful Evolution, the session will start with the therapist having a simple conversation with you to get to know you better and make you comfortable. They will then explain to you what bioenergy entails, and how it checks and restores the chakras.

During the session, you may feel a warm or tingling sensation, and usually the clients get completely relaxed, going into what they describe as a ‘peaceful state’. Everyone’s experience is unique. Book a session and experience the benefits first-hand.

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