Harnessing the Energetic Power of Ireland’s Ancient Sites with Reiki

Abi Beri meditating on the historic Hill of Tara, harmonizing with Ireland's ancient energies through Reiki.

In the heart of Ireland, encompassing the dynamic cityscapes of Dublin and the serene landscapes of Kildare, there lies a secret. A secret so powerful, it merges the ancient traditions of the Celtic isles with the holistic wonders of the Far East – the art of Reiki. Ireland’s Energetic Legacy Ireland, known for its verdant […]

Reiki for the Skeptics: Debunking Myths and Misconceptions

Man receiving hands-on Reiki healing session in a calm setting

The world of energy healing, particularly Reiki, often finds itself under the skeptical eye of those who question its efficacy and principles. With roots deeply anchored in Japanese traditions, Reiki is a practice that channels the universal life force to promote holistic wellness. But what is myth and what is reality? Let’s traverse this energetic […]


Woman receiving Reiki energy healing session for mental well-being

Reiki healing is multi-faceted. It impacts not only our physical bodies but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual states. This universal energy offers guidance, healing, and a sense of profound peace and centeredness. Key Benefits of Reiki Healing: 1. Reiki for Optimal Healt When universal energy flows through you, it has the potential to alleviate […]

Reiki in the Workplace: Boosting Productivity and Reducing Stress

Reiki symbol sketched with a pen, representing energy healing education.

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, stress has become a constant companion for many. With tight deadlines, never-ending meetings, and mounting tasks, the quest for a balanced work environment can seem elusive. Enter Reiki—a holistic healing technique that promises not only stress reduction but also improved productivity. But how does Reiki fit into the workplace? Understanding […]

Reiki for Mental Well-being: How Energy Healing Complements Traditional Therapies

Woman receiving Reiki energy healing session for mental well-being

In the intricate tapestry of mental health solutions, energy healing, particularly Reiki, emerges as a complementary method, weaving together the ancient and the modern. While traditional therapies have proven effective for many, the holistic nature of Reiki provides an added layer of support, especially when mental well-being is at stake. Understanding the Foundation: What is […]

The Science Behind Reiki: Can It Improve Sleep Quality?

Woman peacefully sleeping after experiencing a Reiki healing session in Dublin, Naas, Newbridge.

The ancient practice of Reiki has long been touted for its healing benefits. But what does the science say about its role in enhancing sleep quality? Let’s delve into the captivating intersection of energy healing and restful slumber. Understanding Reiki Before we dive deep, it’s crucial to grasp what Reiki entails. At its core, Reiki […]

Unravelling Misconceptions: The Truth about Reiki Healing

Pebble on grass symbolising Reiki healing sessions in Kildare

From misunderstandings to misconceptions, Reiki healing is often shrouded in mystery, especially for those just embarking on their wellness journey. If you’ve been typing “Reiki near me” into your search engine hoping to find clear, accessible answers, then this blog post is for you. Let’s demystify some common myths surrounding Reiki healing. Myth 1: Reiki […]

Mastering Stress: The Transformative Power of Reiki Healing

Reiki Master Abi Beri providing a Reiki healing session

In the fast-paced world we live in, stress has become an unwelcome but persistent companion. The hustle and bustle of work, personal responsibilities, and navigating life’s challenges can often be overwhelming. This is where Reiki, a holistic energy healing method, can provide us with the respite we so desperately need. Reiki: A Timeless Solution for […]