The Role of Ancestral Patterns in Modern-Day Challenges: An Introduction to Family Constellations

Child affectionately kissing mother, illustrating family bonds and ancestral connections.

In a world where daily stressors, relationship conflicts, and personal challenges often dominate our lives, it might surprise some to learn that our familial roots could be influencing our present-day struggles. The concept of looking backward to move forward might seem counterintuitive, but that’s precisely the principle behind Family Constellations. This therapeutic approach, developed by […]

From Shadows to Light: Techniques in Family Constellation for Trauma Recovery

Three women meditating in dim light, symbolizing the tranquility and introspection in Family Constellation therapy

In today’s rapidly evolving therapeutic landscape, one approach stands out for its unique blend of tradition, innovation, and deep-rooted healing: Family Constellation. For those grappling with the lingering shadows of trauma, this methodology promises a journey from darkness to illumination. Let’s delve deeper into the transformative techniques of Family Constellation and its efficacy in trauma […]

The Basics of Family Constellations: Healing Generational Patterns

Figurines used for Family Constellation therapy sessions by Abi Beri in Dublin, Naas, and Newbridge.

In the picturesque towns of Dublin, Naas, and Newbridge, where histories run deep and family ties are cherished, there lies an undercurrent of generational patterns. Some of these patterns empower and uplift, while others might bring challenges and conflicts. To navigate and heal these generational patterns, Family Constellations has emerged as a transformative therapeutic method. […]

Using Orders of Love in Family Constellation Therapy: Unlocking Healing and Balance

Father and daughter bonding in a Family Constellation therapy session.

Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) is a powerful therapeutic approach that unveils hidden dynamics within a family system. One of the foundational elements of this therapy is the concept of the “Orders of Love.” Let’s delve deeper into understanding this concept and how it contributes to healing and balance. What is Family Constellation Therapy? Before we […]

How Family Constellation Therapy Can Benefit Your Relationships

Figurines used during a Family Constellation Therapy session conducted by Abi Beri in Dublin and Kildare

Relationships form the tapestry of our lives, influencing our emotional landscape, personal growth, and overall well-being. But what happens when these relationships become sources of confusion, stress, and hurt? Family Constellation Therapy, an innovative therapeutic approach, offers a fresh perspective to view, understand, and navigate these intricate dynamics. In this blog post, we will explore […]

Breaking the Chains of Emotional Inheritance: A Look into Family Constellation Therapy

Figurines used in Family Constellation Therapy by Abi Beri

In the vast field of psychotherapy, Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) is emerging as a powerful tool to confront and heal deep-seated, inherited emotional traumas. This unique therapeutic approach allows individuals to break free from the often unconscious chains of emotional inheritance that can influence their life patterns and relationships in profound ways. Unraveling the Web […]

The Healing Potential of Family Constellation Therapy

Family Constellation Therapist Abi Beri conducting a figure board session

The potential for healing within Family Constellation therapy lies not only in the revelation of familial patterns and dynamics but also in the opportunity for resolution. This process offers a safe space to encounter deep emotions, witness others’ experiences, and release long-held, often unconscious, burdens. Participants often describe an emotional lightness and a fresh perspective […]

Is Family Constellations Therapy Right for You? Things to Consider

Woman receiving one-on-one Family Constellations Therapy session

In the expansive world of therapeutic methods, Family Constellations Therapy stands out. Its unique approach to revealing and breaking patterns that have been transferred from previous generations makes it a distinctive choice. But is it the right therapy for you? Let’s delve into understanding Family Constellations Therapy and the factors to consider. Understanding Family Constellations […]

Case Studies in Family Constellation Therapy: Real-Life Success Stories

Animated picture of a happy family, symbolizing the positive transformation achievable through Family Constellation Therapy with Abi Beri

Have you ever wondered how the web of your family dynamics influences your personal journey? Family Constellation Therapy (FCT) unravels these intricate patterns, and today, we’ll explore this therapy’s potential through compelling real-life success stories. A Brief Overview of Family Constellation Therapy Family Constellation Therapy, rooted in the work of psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, allows individuals […]

The Ripple Effect: How Family Constellations Can Break Patterns for Future Generations

Breaking free from old patterns is a powerful journey of self-discovery and growth. Our family dynamics play a significant role in shaping who we are and how we navigate the world. However, some patterns can be limiting, causing us to repeat cycles of pain, dysfunction, and unfulfillment. Fortunately, there is a transformative approach known as […]