energy body, chakras and auric fields
Working with the Energy Body : Curing an illness before it manifests

We all have heard of terms like Aura, Chakras, Energy Centers , Auric fields etc. but what do they really […]

ageing and energy healing
Ageing and Alternative Medicine: How to Naturally Stay Young

How do you feel about getting old? Do you see it as a time to reflect on your life and […]

Integrated Energy Therapy
Integrated Energy Therapy:Healing with Angels

Integrated Energy Therapy: Healing with the Power of  Angels What is Integrated Energy Therapy? Integrated Energy Therapy(IET) is a form […]

healing and everyday life
How to Balance Everyday Life Energy with Healing

 Do you often struggle with stress and anxiety? Are you struggling to maintain your energy levels every day? If so, […]

Man meditating
10 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Energy HealingĀ 

Have you wanted to know more about energy healing? We have all probably heard of words like spiritual healing, energy […]

energy healing session
Demystifying Energy Healing

Energy healing is a process that has been around for centuries. But what exactly is it? And how does it […]

Tarot cards
How to Use Tarot Cards for Manifesting Your Desires

Tarot cards are a great way to manifest your desires. They can provide insight into what you’re dealing with in […]

Guardian Angels
What are Guardian Angels and How to Work with Them

Have you ever wondered how to deal with a difficult situation? Need some guidance on your career path or relationship? […]

energy healing
How Energy Healing Can Help with Anxiety, Stress and Chronic Conditions

Do you have trouble sleeping, feel anxious or, are you stressed out all the time? If so, there is hope. […]

World currencies
How to manifest your dreams using the Law of Attraction

You know that feeling when your heart is racing, and you can’t wait to tell someone about the newest, greatest […]

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