15 Indications You Have Energy Healing Powers and How to Embrace Them

Woman experiencing energy healing session in relaxed posture

Everyone possesses a unique set of skills, and some are innately inclined towards the arts of energy healing. Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t need to be in the medical profession to be an energy healer. The spectrum of energy healing includes not only physical but also emotional, spiritual, and energetic realms. Curious if you […]

The Foundational Principles: Unraveling the Orders of Love in Family Constellations

Vibrant flower representing Family Constellations therapy against a calming blue background.

Developed by Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations therapy shines a revealing light on the interwoven dynamics within families. Central to this therapeutic approach is the concept of the Orders of Love — intrinsic laws that maintain equilibrium and affection within family systems. This post offers an immersive exploration into these foundational principles, showcasing their transformative essence. […]