Decoding the Family Constellation: Discovering Patterns & Potential

Family Constellation therapy session with figurines representing family members.

1. Unearthing the Mystery: What is Family Constellation? Family Constellation is a lens through which the intricate webs of human relationships, especially within families, can be examined. This method dives deep into understanding relationships between men, women, children, and extends to aspects like education, professional life, societal structures, and the legal environment. 2. Dispelling Myths: […]

The Unvarnished Truth About Energy Healing

Abi Beri, holistic therapist in Dublin, performing Bio Energy Healing on a female client

The realm of energy healing has always been a subject of intrigue and mysticism. While today, many schools of thought and modern modalities are popular, it’s essential to understand the rich history and fundamental truths of energy healing. Here are some unfiltered facts about energy healing that everyone should know. 1. The Ancient Roots of […]