Navigating Work-Life Balance: The Integral Role of Corporate Wellness Programs in Employee Well-being

A woman practicing meditation in the office, embodying the work-life balance promoted in Abi Beri's corporate wellness workshops in Dublin and Kildare.

In the rapidly evolving corporate landscape, achieving a healthy work-life balance is becoming increasingly challenging. One pivotal solution is the implementation of corporate wellness programs. This article explores how such programs can facilitate work-life balance and significantly enhance employee well-being. The Importance of Work-Life Balance Work-life balance involves a harmonious blend of work and personal […]

Cultivating Love and Acceptance: Unleash the Power of Family Constellation Therapy to Transform Family Relationships

A collection of diverse figurines used in a Family Constellation Therapy session with Advanced Facilitator Abi Beri

Family relationships, the cradle of our earliest experiences of love and acceptance, can often become complex and challenging. Here, Family Constellation Therapy, an innovative therapeutic approach, can provide a potent avenue to mend and enhance these relationships. Decoding Family Constellation Therapy Family Constellation Therapy, pioneered by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, revolves around the identification […]