Does Family Constellation Therapy Work? Therapy That Looks At Your Bonds

The ties that bind us, build us, and break us Whether or not you are actively aware of  it, your family plays the biggest role in shaping who you are as an individual. Our childhood experiences and family dynamics influence how we think, feel, act, relate with others, and how we approach life in general. […]

Build Your Immunity With Holistic Healing

Holistic healing is a principle that focuses on achieving optimal health and wellness for the whole being – the physical body, the mind, and your emotions. The goal is to give you proper life balance. After all, if one part is not working, it throws the rest of balance. Issues in your emotional, physical or […]

Bringing back the balance – Natural healing with Bioenergy Therapy

Sample bio energy session

Your aura and your health and Bioenergy Therapy You have an electromagnetic field of energy around you – the ‘aura’. Disruption in this field and the energy centres it flows through, the chakras, affects your health. Bioenergy therapy focuses on clearing the blockages, and is part of the global complementary and alternative medicine market that […]